Adults With Learning Disability

Wessmaps Housing Trust recognises the aspirations of our tenants to live independently and was initiated to work in partnership with vulnerable people, their relatives (where appropriate), and personal care, support and supervision providers to realise these aspirations.
Wessmaps Housing Trust understands that finding a home and navigating the laws, rules and regulations of housing can be extremely confusing, leaving vulnerable tenants at risk of exploitation. We recognise that each tenant has individual needs and requirements. We are in a position to work with our tenants, their relatives and personal care, support and supervision providers to source and secure suitable long-term accommodation that meets the tenant’s personal needs and preferences.

Through our Wessmaps Housing Trust intensive housing management support services our tenants with learning disability are encouraged and enabled to live independently to maintain their tenancy and thrive in their community. Our experts facilitate the home finding process and navigate the complicated legal documentation in partnership with our tenants. This provides our tenants a supportive buffer and enables them to find a good quality, secure and sustainable home. This we believe is the basis to empower our tenants to improve their well-being and prospects within their community.