The provision of housing and social care for people with vulnerability has transferred from delivery in hospitals, residential and nursing homes to smaller scale housing within the local communities. At present vulnerable people who are not in residential or nursing care are generally served poorly in housing terms due to low level investment. Wessmaps Housing Trust was founded April 2014 to meet a substantial lack of suitable housing options for vulnerable people, particularly those with learning disability and autism, in Hampshire and the surrounding counties. Wessmaps Housing Trust is a not-for profit charitable incorporated organisation accountable to the charities commission who provide bespoke housing solutions, tenancy management services and intensive housing management to support vulnerable people to live in the community. We passionately believe that everyone has the right to a secure and sustainable home.

Our Vision

The Wessmaps Housing Trust vision is to provide good quality secure and sustainable homes for vulnerable people, improving well-being and prospects as well as encouraging people to thrive in their community.

Our Mission

To deliver good quality bespoke housing solutions for vulnerable people in Hampshire and the surrounding counties. Our mission complements the vision for the 2018/2019 transforming care aspirations of Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth (SHIP) Transforming Care Partnership Plan (2016).

Our Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives of Wessmaps Housing Trust are set out below. The initiatives contribute to our service workplans and are ensured by our specialist housing team.
Good quality bespoke homes, community based neighbourhoods, great service and exceptional value.

Our Values

Our values are central to everything we do and how we work. We expect our board of trustees and employees to follow our core values, which serve as guidelines for our conduct and behaviour as we work towards our vision.
The core values of Wessmaps Housing Trust are:

  • Delivering Value for Money – we manage homes, and services efficiently, effectively and economically
  • Embrace Equality and Diversity – We strive to understand and meet the needs of all of individuals and communities we serve
  • Excellence – we pride ourselves in being excellent
  • Innovation – we inspire our employees and improve our business
  • Integrity – we are open and honest and aim to keep our promises
  • Learning from People – we improve our services by listening to feedback
  • Transparency – we strive to demonstrate transparency in our interactions for clarity.
  • Work Safely – we prioritise the health and safety of our service users and staff.
  • Our Housing Officers

    All housing officers produce a monthly report as part of their tenancy clinics detailing tenant progress. The monthly report gives an opportunity for our housing officers to consult with our partners to bring together all the information they have locally about our tenants including their needs, current services being accessed and future plans to identify progress and help steer care provision. We endeavour to encourage our tenants to be part of this reporting process to help us to develop benchmarks to inform our guidance and future strategy.